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personalised assessments and treatment approaches

Rehabilitation Gym

Physical rehabilitation is a key part to Physiotherapy to provide relief to patients with bone, joint or muscular defects. Many physiotherapy clinics do not have access to rehabilitation equipment, this means their rehabilitation programme is limited or requires you to work unsupervised. At NK Physio, our gym equipment allows our Physiotherapist to prescribe an increased range of targeted exercises to provide a robust rehabilitation programme. It also allows exercises to be performed safely while under the supervision of a specialist.

Sports Massage

A form of deep tissue massage designed to help decrease the stress and tension which builds up in the soft tissues during physical activity. It helps to repair and restore minor injuries and lesions which often occur due to over exertion. It can keep those niggling injuries at bay so they don't compromise your performance and achievement.


A therapeutic modality involving the insertion of needles into certain points of the body to stimulate the nervous system. It is primarily used for musculoskeletal problems and focuses on relieving pain and promotes relaxation allowing the patient to restore normal function.

If you would like to know more information about Acupuncture and whether it will benefit you please contact us.

Injury Prevention

Our dedicated team are more than happy to advise how to prevent injuries from occurring. We can offer various rehabilitation programmes to help you achieve your desired goals. We carry out biomechanical assessments to highlight areas that could be improved on to ensure you do not develop a muscle imbalance.

Ergonomic Assessments

Our team also specialise within the work environment. If you feel your pain or issue is aggravated by work be sure to let us know. We can visit your place of work to assess your desk set-up and offer advice and treatment to help combat these problems.

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our prices

Block booking discounts are available on request

Physiotherapy (Initial Assessment) £40
Physiotherapy (Return Appointment) £30
Physiotherapy (Extended Treatment £35.00)
Sports Massage (60 minutes) £40
Sports Massage (45 minutes) £35
Sports Massage (30 minutes) £30
Clinical Yoga 6 week block £72.00

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If you would like further information on any of the services we provide, contact us on 0785 405 1066. We will be happy to help.